Photographs & Video: John Dwyer

Happy JackHappy Jack

Many Despatchers will remember ‘Happy Jack’ Dwyer. His son John, also named ‘‘appy Jack’ sent these in.

‘Happy Jack’' passed away on 6th June 2003.

ABOVE LEFT: ‘Happy Jack’ in the Malayan Police. ABOVE RIGHT: 63 Coy RASC.

‘Happy Jack’ was a long serving soldier who saw service in WWII and also served with the Malayan Police during the days of the Malayan Emergency, after his first period in the army. When he left the Malayan Police in 1956, he re-enlisted in the RASC. As well as being a Despatcher, he served with 63 Para Coy.

Group photo
‘Happy Jack’ with his wife (3rd & 4th right). Either Malaya or Singapore

Group photo
‘Happy Jack’ (second left) at a Mess function

Photographs & Video