Air Despatch Insignia: Formation Signs

Dave Forsyth and Geordie StockdaleFondly called ‘Daks’ by Air Despatchers, who were justifiably proud to wear them. The Dakota Formation Sign set Despatchers aside from other units.

LEFT: Geordie Stockdale and Dave Forsyth, Butterworth 1960.

On overalls, the Daks were forn on the left breast. Thery could either face to outwards or to the centre.

1940s version1940s version

ABOVE:Woven version without the door. An early version from the 1940s.

Square tailed Dakota as worn on the left arm Square tailed Dakota  as worn on the right arm

ABOVE: Printed Square Tail version. These are my own from my time in Air Despatch.

Rounded tail versionRounded tail version

ABOVE: Printed Rounded Tail version.

RLC Dakota Flashes

ABOVE: Modern version worn by 47 Sqn RLC until the advent of the pathetic looking ‘Budgie’ forced upon them.