55 Company RASC (AD) – 2 March 1956

Valetta VW861 of 48 Sqn RAF hit a tree whilst on a supply drop to 22 SAS near the Cameron Highlands. There were no survivors. It was not possible to recover the bodies at the time, and the Aircrew and Despatchers were buried at the crash site. An RAF padre was later flown over the crash site and he read the burial service. On 13 March, a Valetta dropped wreaths ove rhe crash site. The bodies were later recovered and reburied in Chearas Road Cemetery, Kuala Lumpur.

Malaya Hiustorical Group (MHG)

My thanks to Shaharom Ahmad of MHG for the following.

2018. After 12 years, we finally found Vickers Valetta VW861 wreckage near Cameron Highland with the help from local friends. This particular Valetta was from RAF 48Sq, crashed on Mar 2nd, 1956 with 7 casualties on the mission to supply drop.