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AD 1961-1970. 16/47Coys and 69/47 Sqns, would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers him.

would love to hear from anyone who served with him. 22 AD Coy Tangmere 1964, 22 AD Coy Labuan. 55 Sqn Carfax Troop 1965, 47 AD Sqn Benson 1967, 55 AD Sqn Changi 1968–1970, 47 AD Sqn Lynham 1970–1973. He would love to get back in touch especially, with Mick Hughes, Toby Whittear, Scouse McKibben, Fred Bowers and Paddy Keiley. Dave now lives in North Devon and contact is via his son.

was with 55 & 69 Sqns from 1966 to 1968, 47 Sqn from 1968 to 1973, ATDW from 1973 to 1976 and back to 47 Sqn from 1976 to 1978. He is looking for old friends including Alan Batty, Eddie Bray and Jim Currie among others.

served with 22 Coy and 16 Sqn from 1964 to 1966. Did you serve with Ken?

was in Air Despatch, Singapore 1965-1966, 386 Long Jawi Troop at Seletar. “I hope to hear from anyone who remembers me”.

would like to catch up with old mates. Contact is via his daughter Karen.

would like to contact these National Servicemen from 1960 -1962 who were stationed at Watchfield. John Downes, Tony Costello & Dennis Keatch.

served with 47 at Watchfield from 1961 with detachments at Abingdon, Colerne and Benson where he got married. Then on to Singapore early 1965 for the Borneo problem. Worked in Labuan and Kuching. Returned home late 66, but went back to Singapore 67 until demob in Jan 70. He would like to know the whereabouts of Jimmy Laurenson (best man at my wedding) and Stew Bailey, his next door neighbour at Changi.

. I was with 55 from 1950-1951 at KL Malaya .I would like to here from any one who was there.

served with 55 Company, RAF Seletar 1960-62 during his National Service. He has lost touch with all who served with him and would like to re-establish contact with old friends.

served between 1951 & 1952 in 55 Coy at Kuala Lumpur and Changi. He would be delighted to hear from old friends. Alternative contact:

Was with 55 Coy RASC (AD) in KL, Malaya from 1957-1960. Now living in Whitchurch Shropshire. He would like to hear from those who remeber him. E-mail contact is his son.

served with 55 Company KL from 1951-1953. He’d like to get in touch with old mates. Contact is via his grandson.

. 23351715 of Carfax Pln 55 Coy, Kuala Lumpur 1957 to 1959. At that time I was unmarried and living in Leyton, London E.10. Now resident in Thetford.

arrived at Watchfield March 1962. After training he was posted to 47 Coy, going on to Libya, Cyprus and Aden. Then on to Singapore/Borneo for two years. The main people he remembers from Watchfield are Rod Stone, Andy Meicklejohn, Geordie Moen, Jock Barr, Blondie Chappell, Del Armitage, RSM Dandy. He is looking to contact anyone who remembers him.

I was at Watchfield Sept 1964. Then 22 coy RASC (AD) at RAF Tangmere. Re-badged to RCT July 1965. Posted to RAF Seletar Singapore then joined Long Jawi Troop 47 sqn. Served in Labuan and Kuching until 1966. Then joined 69 AD Sqn as OC's driver until tour Ex December 1967. Then served in Germany, Hong Kong Aldershot until discharge in April 1978. Now living in Dover, Kent. Hoping to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Does anyone remember John Cox from Market Harborough. He was in Malaya in the 50s doing his National Service. If you remember him, contact via his friend R. Ashton.

enlisted in early 1944 and did 5 years mostly in Air Despatch with 749 800 and 223 Coys. He went to the middle east for a three year stretch. He would love to get in touch with any old pals from those days of long ago.

. I served with 47 Coy RASC, 1963 -1966, then Singapore (Seletar) 1966 - 1968, 47 Sqn RCT, Lyneham 1968 -1973, JATE (Abingdon) 1973 - 1975, 47 RCT Lyneham 1975 -1985, Time ex 1985 when WO2 SSM.  I settled in Wootton Bassett, where for 10 years I ran one of the local Public Houses, then rejoined the real world!  I would love to hear from anyone that knew me.

served 22 years in Air Despatch. “I was known during my career as Scouse Fell and attend many reunions at South Cerney and Lyneham. I served 62-65 with Kemar Troop Singapore, and I then served at Benson, Abingdon, Lyneham, Thorney Island( School of Transport )and finished as an instructor at JATE first with heavy drop and finally as WO1 Helicopter Section. I now reside in Spain Costa Blanca I have lived here for over two & a half years. Anyone who wants to make contact please feel free.

served with 55 Coy, 138 Air Supply Platoon. Stationed at Nicosia (Wayne’s Keep) from 1955-1957 and covered the Middle East from Cyprus to Aden. hE IS looking to get in touch with a few people such as Ginger Potts, Fred Aimsbury, Harry Veavers, Sid Sessions or anyone else from 138 air supply.

. I was attached to 55 Coy in KL and I was with 21 AMP RAOC. I was there till 1958.

went into 47 Coy then enjoyed a quick trip to Nicosia living in tents,whilst the blue jobs roughed it in RAF Nicosia. Back to Blighty then on to 47 Coy Detachment, Aden under Capt Davidson. Great time at Khormaksar for a while, then up to Bahrain to re supply the top lads when they took Jebel Akdar. Returned to Arnhem Camp and Ii took up various jobs i.e. Fire NCO, Weapons Instr, PBX, Officers Mess Barman and then Control Tower. During all this time I found time to marry in Abingdon a local girl and still to date together. We enjoyed our 1st posting to 55, returning to 22 at Tangmere. Became PTI with a good friend Cpl Ron Walters, then a few more years in MT and finally became a Recruiter in central London until demob 1980. Would like to find old friends.

. I did my national service 59-61 in 47 Coy at Watchfield, Aden, Bahrain and Kuwait. I would like to hear from anyone who knew me. I was in Roger Blackburn’s crew with Glen Shutler & Rod Lay at Khormaksar.

served as a REME attached craftsman VM with 47 Coy RASC (AD) FROM 1959 to 1963. If anyone would like to contact me I would love to hear from them. I remember Richard Nicholson very well.

would like to hear from anyone who knew him at 16 Sqn, Khormaksar Aden

is lookling for old mates from his Despatching days.

served with 55Coy RASC(AD) based at RAF Seletar from Dec 1961 to Dec 1964. He did a couple of the early tours based on Labuan. Lost a Valetta Door on one sortie and had a bit to with stretching Dufalyte honeycomb percussion pad.

served with 47 Coy RASC AD at Watchfield & at Tunisia camp Nicosia,from 1955 to 1957. He was a National Serviceman & enjoyed myself both at Watchfield & Cyprus. Some of the people he remembers were; O.C. Major Ridings, Captain Mcloud, Lt Kingsmill, Lt Achinson, Cpl Armitage (played rugby & was on the athletics team with him), & Cpls Nicholls, Challinor and Hill. Mates in the para packing section Jock Hamilton & John Sully,also Mick Clarke & Ray (Lofty) Tossel, who was from his home town of Port Talbot. Dvrs Bishop Leaker,Cross& Bradburn. Jeff is now retired & would greatly like to get in touch with anyone who remembers him from those days.

T/2387001, late of ‘A’ Sir Supply, Khormaksar, would like to hear from old comrades.

, 55 Coy 1960-62 would like to get in touch with old mates.

was one of the last National Servicemen to serve in ‘A’ Air Supply Platoon 1960 to 1962. He spent time in Aden and Bahrain, also attemted to "MAKE RAIN " at Eastliegh in Kenya. He'd be pleased to hear from anybody who remembers him from all those happy and carefree years ago.

did his Air Despatch training at Watchfield in 1951/2. He would be interested to hear from anyone who remembers him. Don is also seeking information about a Bridging Company based in Ketwig, Germany around that time. Can anyone help?

 here. I was with 55 Sqn (Carfax) from 65-68, then on to Fairford, Lyneham, Germany & Holland. I would like to make contact with old mates, especially Taff Bowen, Coco Douglas, Pete Edgington, Paddy Collins, Tich Standlely, Fred Garrigan, Geordy Prady & Henry Davie.

is seeking mates from his time at Watchfield and Suez.

. It would be nice to hear from ex AD people who served with me. I served at 55 AD Sqn RCT based at RAF Thorney Island in the Early 70s having re-badged from the 2nd Bn The Parachute Regt.

was in AD from 1950-52. After Basic Training joined AD At RAF Netheravon, Retained after my training in A/D after a short stay, Move to RAF North Luffenham. Selected to go on Detachment with the Then Capt A.I.LUTY to RAF Dishforth ,yorks. As training crew A/D, flying 1st in the Valetta and then on to the Hastings there being some 22 members forming the detachment. Then posted to RAF Abingdon in charge of small detachment. Posted back to Netheravon for Demob.I remember many Lads, including Cpls Rushton & Crabtree, Dvrs Dexter, Rouse, Clayton &Hardy.

, 21 AMP Seletar & Butterworth 1962-65, is looking for old mates. He’s particularly looking for Neil Dick. E-mail:

has already found a few mates, but would like to get in touch with more. Ron served at Butterworth, Changi and Aden.

served in Khormaksar, Aden 59-61. Looking for Edward (Ted) Fisher from Little Thurrock, Grays, Essex, and other old friends.

would like to make contact with old friends.

was not a Despatcher, but knew a few during his service. He served during the early 60s in Scotland, 65-67 in Cyprus, 67-68 at Watchfield, and from 68-70 in Singapore. Bill has already made contact with Reg Kelly and is on the look out for Jim McCully and anybody who remembers him. Bill now lives in Liverpool.

55 Sqn & 22 Sqn, Borneo, Aden & Changi. Demobbed at RAF Colerne. Went toAaustralia with Jock Clayton and Ron Knight in 71. I now live in Arkansas U.S.A. Happy to hear from old buddies.

served with Carfax Pln, 55 Coy (AD) from Jul 62 to Aug 65. He is trying to get in touch with ‘Cookie’ (Dave Cook), ‘Matt’ (Roger Mathews) and Dave Lund, or anyone else who remembers him.

was with the ACC served with AD units at Fairford, Thorney Island and Northern Ireland. He is keen to meet up with old mates, especially Ron Burchett who was his Best Man

would like to contact Eddie & Shirley Bray (55 Sqn mid-sixties)

who is Canadian was at Tangmere 1964 to 1967 and Changi 1967 to 1970. He is now back in Canada, but is looking for old mates including Ian Duncan and Billy Holmes who was on the Buckingham Palace Guard.

joined 55 Sqn in Nov65 at Seletar. After training he went to Butterworth for 2 years (3 months in Kuching), then Jan- May 68 at Changi. Then off to 47 Sqn Colerne, then Lyneham till time served in 1970. He would like to here from anyone who knew him. He is interested in the whereabouts of Brian (Lofty) McGuinness.

Just to let you know that I'm now on the internet and would be pleased to hear from any of my old pals from: 16 AD Coy RASC, ‘A’ Air Supply Platoon RASC, Aden, 47 AD Sqn RCT (Colerne and Lyneham), 69 AD Sqn RCT (Labuan, Kuching, Seletar and Changi) ..... and a whole bunch of other places too numerous to mention.

served with 16 AD in Kenya at RAF Eastliegh and in Aden. Trained at Watchfeild. He was AD from 61 to 64, flew in mainly Twin Pins and Bevs. He served with Doughy Baker, Des Robertson &Mike Marrison. Bob would be pleased to hear from old mates.

served with 55 Coy in 58/59. He would like to catch up with old mates.

I served in 47 AD from 1966 in training at Tangmere, then at Odiham, Colerne and Lyneham. If anyone remembers, me please get in touch. I am also looking for Pete Birt.

I joined {with my identical twin brother} 47 Coy in July 1951 and after completing the Air Despatch course we were posted to 73 Coy in Fanara until the end of our National service in March 1953.It would be great to find out if any one rembers the Mountford twins.

 would like to contact any mates of his who were at 47 Coy Watchfield in 1961. or 55 Coy at Penang and Butterworth in 1963/4.

(Dornoch, Scotland) served in Palestine in 1947-48 with 800 company. He would like to contact a John Fyshwick who was from Greenwood, Middlesex and anyone else from that era.

served with 22 AD Coy (Sqn) from 1964 to 1967 with a break with 69 AD Sqn (Borneo) as a clerk. He would like to make contact with old mates.

was stationed @ RAF Lyneham from 1973-1977. He would like to get in contact with any of the lads that can remember him.

from Battersea, London, T/23214934 did his National Service with 47 Coy RASC (AD) between 1954 – 1955 at Watchfield. He then went to Bordon to get kitted out for Tropical kit for posting to Malaya. He was then sent on 36 days Embarkation Leave but on his return his mates including ‘Vicky’ Saunders got sent round the world, but Barry got sent to Hounslow as a Driver with 70 Car Company RASC. He is keen to catch up with anyone who remembers him. E-mail contact is Steven Eccleshall

‘Ossie’ (ex. Cpl 2404311 22 AD Sqn 65 -71), played football for most of the time in the Sqn and would like to hear from anyone who knew him during that time.

served with 55 Coy, 1962-1965, was for a short time in Butterworth, then Borneo at the end of 1962. Ted would like to hear from anyone who remembers him.

was in Kemar Pln, 55 Coy, KL in 55 & 56. He has been in touch with Allan ‘Wally’ Walton. Does anyone know ‘Titch’ Varty, he lived in Littleover. Also Bill Nicholls & Bill Pendleton.

I was stationed at R.A.F, Watchfield on permanent staff 1953/54. I was in M.T. platoon under Capt. Black and the Platoon Sgt. was Ben Hill. Would welcome contact with anyone from those far off days. Jeff Riley (22732882)

Would like to get in touch with old mates. He joined 55 in November ’65 and did his AD training in Seletar. In January of ’66 he went to Butterworth with Kemar. Returned to Changi then back to Seletar then to Labuan. Then stayed in Seletar until RHE in April ’68. Spent a year in 47 at Lyneham then went to Germany for 5 years.

is on the hunt for old mates, particularly ex-Despatcher Mick ‘Tich’ Farnham, who was a mate of his in 16 Coy (Sqn), and again at 22 Sqn.

was with 27 Coy at Batu Caves 1960-61 then joined AD with 55 Coy at KL, later moving to Seletar with them.

served from 66 to75 in AD. He trained at Tangmere then Colerne. On to Seletar, Changi,L yneham, N Ireland. He would like to hear from any who knew him.

, now in Poole, is on the lookout for old mates. He trained at Watchfield early 61, then on to 16AD 61-63, 47AD Colerne and Lyneham 63-69.

Jeff Shaw served with 55 Coy KL Malaya and Changi 1956 to 1958. He would welcome contact with old mates. Please contact via his son

was a Despatcher with 223 Company during Operation ‘Market Garden’, and later despatched in Burma. He would be pleased to hear from old comrades. Apparently one of Douglas’s Dakota pilots over Arnhem was ‘Professor’ Jimmy Edwards.

(Army no. 23766842) here. I served 2 years national service in 47 Coy in Watchfield, Aden, Bahrain, Kuwait between 1959 to 1961. I would like to catch up Fred ‘Freddie’ Stokes (from Bristol), or anyone else who served with me and Tony Gamblin, Rod Lay, Roger Blackburn.

now living in spain, served with 30 Coy RASC (Air Despatch) at Fanara, Canal Zone, from 1947 until 1950. He was promoted to L/Cpl, then Cpl in C platoon (I think) until I was re-mustered as a TMT NCO and transferred to the Coy workshop, where I continued until my return to the UK in mid-1950. Most of the time I was there, Major Abbott was the OC and Claude Wiffen the CSM. “If there is anyone from that time who remembers me (or wants to own up to it) please contact me”.

is on the hunt for old mates. He was with; 47 Sqn 1970, then 384 AD Tp 1971, 385 AD Tp Cyprus June 1971, C Tp 8 Sqn 1972, 55 AD Sqn Tangmere 1975, 47 Sqn 1975, 1 Div HQ Sigs Armd 1976- 1979 and Depot Regt 1979 -1979.

Do any of our old soldiers remember Sgt Les (Smudger) Smith from 543 Coy RASC in Rawalpindi and Delhi 1944/45, India, or from Dunkirk 1940? If so, please contact via his son:

is looking for old mates including Reg Parkes and Wally Waltom

ex-Cpl Air Maint Pln RAOC attached ‘A’ Air Supply, 16 Sqn, RAF Khormaksar 1963-65 would like to hear from anyone who served there or remembers the old DZ at Watchfield which I looked after from 1966-67. Well .... someone had to do it.

would like to hear from anyone who served with him at Watchfield, Tangmere or Khormaksar.

Graham Suttle, ex 799 Company is looking for old mates, especially 6043 ‘Willie’ Williams. Please contact via Pete Stubbs.

served with 55 Company in the far east between 1952 and 1955 . He would like to get in contact with old mates.

was in 223 Air Despatch in Fanara Egypt in 1948-1951. He would like to contact anyone who remembers him. He would also like any information concerning his brother Raymond, last seen in Port Said in 1948.

Roger (Matt) Matthews served as a Despatcher from 61-65, spending some time with Carfax Pln, 55 Coy. He would like to catch up with old mates. Contact him at:- 47 Morgan Avenue, Mt Warrigal, NSW 2528, Australia.

served in 16 Sqn & 22 Sqn between 63-66(approx). He would like to get in touch with old friends. E-mail via his daughter.

joined the RASC in 1960, spending time in Air Despatch with 22 Coy and 16 Coy in Kenya at RAF Eastleigh, and in Aden in 1964 at RAF Khormaksar. He would like to get in touch with old friends. E-mail via his daughter.

would like to meet old mates. 55 Ad Sqn Changi - 70. 47 AD Sqn Lyneham 70 - 84 on and off. Now living in Newmarket, Suffolk.

now living in Spalding, was with 55 Coy in Malaya from 1956-58. Mike is looking to get in touch with anyone who remembers him from his time in Malaya.

Steve Whittaker Ex 47 AD Sqn served at Lyneham and Borneo late 60’s & early 70’s. He remembers Doughy Baker, Pete Woolway, Taff Williams & Ginge Reese. Steve is not on e-mail, but can be contacted through

served with 799 and 55 Coys RASC (AD) 1949-50 at Batu Caves Malaya and also at the airfield until September 1952. He wants to catch up with anyone who remembers him.

, Watchfield and Abingdon 1951-1953. Anyone out there remember me?

. I served as both Training Officer and Operations Officer with 47 (AD) Sqn RCT based at RAF Lyneham, 1984-1987. I was made redundant in 1994 which was a hard pill to swallow. It is only recently that I have felt the pangs of regret in not keeping in touch with those who are ‘true’ friends. Should anyone wish to enter into correspondence, I’d be more than happy.

served with 47 Sqn from 65 till 66 then 22 Sqn at Tangmere until 68. Whilst at 22 Sqn He was Major Dyas’ driver and also played soccer for the Sqn where he was the goalie. Graham now lives in Canada.

served with 16 AD Sqn in Aden from 1965-1967 and would like to contact old friends. Bob now lives in South Australia.