73/749 Companies RASC (AD)
Tom (Andy) Andrews

73 Coy RASC
73 Company RASC (AD)

This photo was taken about the end of 53, or early 54 at Fanara. The taller Officer is Capt SGH Read, with the late Tom Andrews on his left. On the right of the other Officer is Sgt Faulkner. Bryan Upton is back row 2nd right.

Company Plaque
749 Company Plaque

Airlift MemorialThis shield may bring back a few memories from anyone who served on the Berlin Airlift. These shields were produced my a very enterprising German, who was employed as a aircraft loading labourer. If you notice that under my name, something has been scratched out. The wording there was I think, 3 AASO. We in 749Coy at the time, resented this, as we all thought, that it was us, in 749 Coy who should be the only ones mentioned. In hindsight now, of course, I for one, now realise the significance of 3 AASO, and the organisation that they represented.

LEFT: The Berlin Airlift Memorial at Tempelhof Airport, Berlin.

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