Where No Shadows Fall
Les de-la Haye

When Air Despatchers hear that final call
They go to the place where no shadows fall
To a place devoid of such bitter strife
With no more taking of another's life.

When Air Despatchers hear their final call
They go to a place with its marble hall
To be met at the gate by good Saint Peter
He tells them to march in ranks of meter.

Halt now soldier! What is the password?
For you are in heaven: Had you not heard?
What rights do you have to pass portals grand?
And have you innocent blood on your hand?

Your long journey might end right here dear friend
But that may never be the final end
Because before you pass through Heaven's door,
Say of any hate to even a score?

Tell me truth; are there deeds of guilt to mend?
Please tell me no lies; never the truth bend
Are you a true friend or an evil foe?
Should you rest here, or to hell downward go?

You stand upright and proud dear Soldier
And you show no guilt on broad shoulder
So stay in this place where no shadows fall
For you answer true to our Master’s call.

Pass Soldier: All's well!

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