The Officer
Derek Adams

Prior to my departing Cyprus in mid ’62, and en-route to Watchfield, and after settling down in Arnhem Camp, I ended up doing driver duties.

One particular day I will always remember, I had to drive an officer to Arborfield near Reading. After leaving Arborfield, and a few miles down the road, the officer said, “Do you fancy a cup of tea and something to eat?”. As I am the kind of person who never refuses food or drink, I replied “Yes please sir”.“Right”, he said, “let’s pay mother a visit”.

We were sitting in the conservatory, and immediately, boiled eggs, Marmite soldiers, pasties, and a cup of tea were thrust at me. What a feast (I was starving).On bidding the lovely lady goodbye, and thanking her, we set off back to Watchfield.

I never saw the officer again. Some soldiers, sometime during our army career, run officers down, but we all have two sides to our coin. If you had to make a court (civil) appearance (God forbid), it was the officer who would go with you to represent and speak for you.

If there is a small chance, I would like to know who the officer who took me to his mother’s was. I can not remember his rank, but I can describe him. Approximately 5’6” tall, with a slim build. Mid coloured hair, and I think that he wore glasses. For those who like British History, he looked like Simon Schama (Simon Schama’s History of Britain on TV for example). Does anyone remember him?

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