Cpl Wilbye Whittaker D.F.M.
Pamela Cruickshank

WilbyeCpl Whiitaker’s medals
Cpl Whittaker’s Medals

Wilbye was born on 19 February 1908 in Salford, Manchester, and died on 22 October 1975 in Mitcham, Surrey. He enlisted in 1940 and entered the Royal Artillery where his duties included that of Despatch Rider. In 1944 he transferred to the RASC and Air Despatch. He took part on Operation ‘Market Garden’, and was left with health problems, including a speech impediment which remained with him for the remainder of his life.
Pamela A Cruickshank. (nee Whittaker, Wilbye’s daughter).

L/Cpl Whittaker was awarded the D.F.M. for his part during a sortie from Down Ampney on 19th September 1944.

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