Air Despatch Insignia: Cap Badges

Air Despatchers have served in the RASC (Royal Army Service Corps), RCT (Royal Corps of Transport) and RLC (Royal Logistic Corps). Four types of Cap Badge have been worn during the 60 years of Air Despatch.

Cap Badges

RASC King’s Crown Cap BadgeRASC Queen’s Crown Cap Badge RASC Cap Badges showing the King’s Crown (left) and Queen’s Crown(right) versions.

These were worn from the inception of Air Despatch until the RASC became the RCT in July 1965.

RCT Cap BadgeRLC Cap Badge LEFT: The RCT Cap Badge. Worn from 1965 to 1993.

RIGHT: The RLC Badge. In 1993, the RCT passed into history with the formation of the RLC from the RCT, RAOC, ACC, RPC and postal elements of the Royal Engineers.