Air Despatch Insignia: Brevets

In Dress Uniform, the Brevet is worn on the lower portion of the left sleeve. On overalls or tropical uniform it is worn on the left shoulder.

RASC Cloth BrevetRASC Brass BrevetRASC Wire Brevet

ABOVE: RASC Brevets.

The embroidered cloth brevet shown on the left was for Battle Dress, No.2 Dress, Khaki Drill (Middle East) and Olive Green (Far East). The brass brevet in the centre was for No.3 Dress. On the right is the embroidered wire brevet for No.1 Dress.

On 15th July 1965, the RCT was formed. The Air Despatch Brevet was changed to reflect this. The words Royal Army Service Corps being removed from the new designs.

1st RCT Brevet in Embroidered ClothAnodised RCT Brevet2nd Emroidered Cloth RCT Brevet
RCT Brevet in Wire.


The brevet shown on the left was the RASC version, but without the lettering. Despatchers were instructed to unpick the lettering form RASC brevets they were wearing. Many did not and only changed brevets when the new version shown on the right was issued. The Brass No. 3 Dress brevet was replaced by an anodised version (centre top). The embroidered wire version also changed and lost the wording (centre bottom).

In 1993, the RCT passed into history with the formation of the RLC from the RCT, RAOC, ACC, RPC and postal elements of the RE. RLC Air Despatchers wear the same brevets as the RCT wore.

RIGHT:QADI Brevet in Embroidered ClothIn 1968, a new qualification of Qualified Air Despatch Instructor (QADI)was set in place. QADIs are Senior NCOs and Warrant Officers who have extensive Air Despatch experience.

The QADI Brevet was also made available in wire for Mess Dress.

Master Air Despatcher BrevetLEFT: Also introduced was the Master Air Despatcher. Perhaps this was not the most appropriate choice of title when the initials are used. Mind you..............

The Master Air Despatcher is a man of great experience in Air Despatch matters and techniques.

Subdued Pattern AD BrevetSubdued Pattern QADI Brevet

ABOVE: Subdued pattern AD and QADI Brevets.

Mess Dress Brevet with Red BackingMess Dress Brevet with White BackingMess Dress Brevet with Black Backing

ABOVE: Three types of Mess Dress Brevets.